Wet in duel

You restore action in my odes
making adjectives emotions;
feeling of sweet boil you slide,
when you take refuge in my secular.

I hope that moment for both of us,
one that combines one here;
moment where the bellow of the echo
triggers his panting.

That instant where the memory
shipwrecked in desire;
energetic moment no less than eternal,
face to face, wet in duel.

High, interwoven
imitating the modest rhythm of fruition;
I shake you thick, flat and infallible,
in the background, the music falters in suspense.

Submerged out to sea the waves break in fire;
burned by the vehemence of Ayabaoñi,
my voice is drowned while you ride my neck;
Fingers between damp hair announce the moment of your arrival.

You approach slowly, time stands still
you surround tightly compressing you
to your soul, mind and being;
without limit I always live you deep, suddenly lucid.

Harmony lengthens perplexed,
admiring the edge of dawn,
and I always rescue words,
creating, to brew coffee and dedicate my mornings.

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I quite enjoyed your poem, good job!

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Thanks for reading, very appreciate.


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