It is the evening, the sea, the warm sand,
passionate, the sky free,
Bring the wine and speak the truth
amidst a bouquet of flowers!
I know not what I seek, because
it is still far away,
I think that life is more
calm when drinking.
Spirits of kisses dwell in these cups,
it is easier to intoxicate the wine
than it is to intoxicate love.
As I drink, I will intoxicate
all of you as well.
Years pass, life comes to an end,
the heart speaks and sings,
Raise the glass and let’s toast to all!
And if the wine runs out and love departs,
let’s not stay with sorrow or solitude.
Let’s find another reason to celebrate,
for life is a party and we must enjoy it.
Let’s laugh, sing, dance without pause,
for time is a gift and must not be wasted.
Cheers to friendship and happiness!

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