The Middle Ages of Tolkien's Lore

In Middle Ages of Tolkien’s lore,
where magic thrives and heroes soar,
amidst the rolling hills and trees,
there is a joy that fills the breeze.

For in this land of ancient tales,
where hope and courage never fails,
there lies a happiness so pure,
that nothing in this world can lure.

It’s in the laughter of the hobbits small,
in the dance of the elves so tall,
in the warmth of the hearthfire’s glow,
and in the bond of friends that grow.

The sun shines bright upon this land,
and all who dwell, walk hand in hand.
For here, the heart is free to sing,
and life is but a joyful thing.

So let us raise our voices high,
and sing a song to the clear blue sky.
For in this land of Middle Ages,
there is a happiness that never ages.

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Amazingly beautiful poem. What a theme for it. It’s lovely.

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