The Golden Sheet

from Suicide, 1964 (1st published collection, available on Amazon)
photography / poetry at craigmartingetz*com

The golden sheet they throw over you shines

like a jackpot even in the dark. It says,

Look at this thread of light I’m gonna rat.

Look at how crackled and marvelous the bat

left the windshield you hitherto looked right through.

Pee on me, melt Fort Knox on me, anything

in the name of gold. Bulldoze down the screamingest

Shiite temples no one dares dance around, all the Ohms

dangling on international flights, all the bullshit

24-karate leaf that ever occurred to a Swiss 5-star chef

to garnish chocolate cake on the shores of Lake Geneva with

and nothing, absolutely nothing will steal the show like me,

little ole crinkled me, upstaging every glorious ounce

of light from your dead body.

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