The Gentle Spring

When gentle Spring doth breathe upon the earth,
and thaw the frost that held it in its dearth,
the meadows bloom in green and gold array,
and birds sing sweetly to the break of day.

The trees, once bare and stark against the sky,
now burst with buds and leaves that catch the eye.
The air is filled with scents of fresh-cut grass,
and cherry blossoms bloom in pink and mass.

The sun doth warm the earth with its bright beams,
and in the gentle breeze, life’s sweetest dreams
are born anew, as nature takes its hold,
and Springtime’s beauty doth our hearts enfold.

Oh, Spring! Thou art the fairest of the year,
in thy wake, all hearts are filled with cheer.
Thy beauty doth our souls with gladness fill,
and in thy grace, we find the strength to will.

So let us revel in this season’s mirth,
and bask in Springtime’s glory and its worth.
For in its gentle touch, we find release,
and in its warmth, we find eternal peace.

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