Sunny afternoon

Humanity ambushed us to
escape is to suffer,
lava blocking you
imaginary darts
because this is the first world loneliness to madness further away than ever
no one to run into the stars
all the fucking day raining
and with how bad we speak French

I could tell you I love you
let’s be free
we are no longer strangers
but you hate the semantics of your name
the fat on the pillow
have to flee in economy class
no more drugs
the accounts do not stop

sharing this standard of living
can be selfish
and exhausting
the walls drain lymph
and the whole atmosphere around
with its galvanized zip adjuster
spilled a blood bank…
and then the marks remain
and I am not the one to define a homicide
in both poles
tradeoffs suck
in a sunny afternoon.

We withdraw a number
plain and simple
that innocent or guilty
it just depends of loose ends
and if you get caught
while planning your counterattack

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Love this ending :clap: :heart:

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