If you tread upon the sand at dawn,
The traces of your feet will emerge,
Footprints of dreamed entanglements,
A slumbering past shrouded
In nostalgia’s embrace.
How can one forget the
Mysterious melody,
And the opacity of enigmas?
Does the soul consider them?
They possess the face and voice of
Those who pour them amidst the mist.
Souls express themselves
With strange words
That seem to strike
The consciousness
Aching amidst riddles.
These are the lethargy that clings to
Whispering leaves,
Giving shape to the secrets
That hide within the night.

In the shadows of dawn, when the first rays of sunlight rise upon the horizon, the mysterious secrets emerge from the soft sand. It is in that magical moment, when the past, wrapped in seductive fog of nostalgia, reveals itself in enigmatic and entangled forms.
How could one forget the mysterious melody that surrounds these intricate enigmas? The soul, being the recipient of their influence, treasures and considers them with captivating reverence. These secrets, these thoughts whispered by the mists of the unknown, take form and their own life. They dress themselves with the faces and unmistakable voices of those who release them from their confines, sliding through the folds of the wind and reaching ears willing to hear their insidious narrative.
In this ambiguous reality, where souls seek to express themselves and decipher their desires and contradictions, words take on a strange and sinister tone. Each syllable strikes the consciousness with the force of a forgotten memory, an aged memory that seduces and torments, demanding to be unmasked. The consciousness, trapped within the intricate riddles of the past, wrestles in inescapable suffering.
These hidden whispers, these secrets kept in the whispering leaves of the night, are the lethargy they cling to. They transform into the guardians of hidden truth, guardians of the unknown and the forbidden. The secrets, like living entities, feed on our doubts and anxieties, taking form in every sigh that escapes our lips and leaving their vibrant mark on our existence.
In the twilight of these secrets resides the magic of the hidden, where the invisible threads of destiny intersect and weave a fascinating story. But beware, the discovery of these secrets can be both a liberating balm and a deadly poison. Whispering promises of bliss and knowledge, dark vortexes that threaten to drag you into an abyss with no return.
Thus, in the sand at dawn, in the mysterious and enigmatic melody of hidden secrets, lies the power of revelation and perdition. A delicate balance between light and darkness that guides us towards the unknown, unveiling the deepest mysteries of our souls.

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