Paper planes. Inspired by "The Cat in the Hat." Dr. Seuss

Of rainy days I speak,
those days,
they are so bleak.
The days in which I seek,
the sun or hope,
the highest peak.
Oh yes!
This is what I seek.

He came,
he was so dashing.
In fact,
he came in crashing,
with songs and games,
my sadness,

We laughed, we splattered paint
in these, our walls.
We were joyful, for once,
our laughter
our laughter
was like waterfalls.

And even with the those things,
those things
which were not sane,
we knew those days were not in vane,
for once we laughed,
Oh, how we laughed!
we were free,
like paper planes.

Eve Rhinehart - Paper Planes
(Eve Rhinehart- Paper planes).

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Nice!! Congrats!

Thank you! Definitely a classic :slight_smile:

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