Of Delray

Water is bouncing off a deep canal.
A shadow whispering: “Come inside”
Something dark…Who is hiding in the tide?
Who is singing a sinister chorale?

Now, you’re swimming, taking laps.
Does the water taste so tart?
You’re in a maze, there are no maps.
You were deceived, little bird, from the start.

Does the wondrous path seem enthralling?
Is the gasping disorienting?
Perhaps, the light will find you crawling.
In the shores, lamenting.

Alive and well, the bird was found,
reader be warned, it wasn’t sound.

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I liked it a lot.
Kisses from :uruguay:

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Wouldn’t you know this tale is actually a true story. A poor woman was swimming in a canal in the city of delray, saw a tunnel and wondered in it for about 3 weeks, until she was found only with dehydration. There is of course a history of mental illness, yet the story was so fantastical to me I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Thanks for reading!

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