More doors

Beloved reflection -
strong and clear
More often
just pray,
Give thanks to the creator for this unique and incomparable journey
all the good things in the world
envolving in favor of us
Why cover ourselves with meager morsels of storm?
dust we are and will be,
a song that repeat itself in the wind,
the healing of scars
diffusing the anxiety of your bowels

Forgive all my carelessness
while I looked at you in the distance
building your way
germinate like an angel,
because we both know that a heart
has more functions
to that of a muscular pitt in a circuit of blood,
we have fallen and tasted ashes,
with crowded eyes that I still do not open.

how to disperse the rebirth of the yews?
hell doesn’t means nothing to me,
Let me take you by the shoulder
the distance is only a provocation
let you invade me
get into you
It’s fortunately
the event of recognizing each other
Far away from the infinite inteligence
nobody is alone
Werent we all sensations and brothers
united beyond time
through all the goodness in the universe?

this is how love revives
and just as it connects us all
looniless are our teachers
letting us go with a sunshower,
that there is more place
more doors
and other alternate coexistences
the vibes of some words in the tombstone
a concert of invisible life and energy perceptions
our dearly lovers and the ones we love the most speaking often to us
when they reach out to us
guiding us with bright smiles
to a conscious awakening
and to a completely purified soul

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Me ha costado un poco porque mi inglés es muy limitado. Pero me ha parecido muy hermoso.

Un abrazo.


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Just beautiful :heart:

I felt those smiles the other day… :heart: :smiling_face: :hugs:

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