In the supermarket checkout line

and of course I want revenge
initiate on them
the taste of the great war
I am not nor do I have
friend, couple, teacher
a young child or a father
and I don’t want anything
to protect me from death

psychosis is my identity
washing my eyes does not make me a murderer
so much difference electrocutes me
my depression is eight ball
to the buchacs in the first pitch
my clumsy put away a degenerative disease
a syncope
a stroke
they hate me
never at the level of one versus them

waking up is really hell
stand before you
is to take to the dance floor
in a sequined suit
to absolute zero
really my space is none

you want to give me a shot
so many times, sometimes
Who enjoys this deceased without a grave?
impossible not to notice me
like a complete failure
yesterday as always

I’m tired of being good to others
my generosity
was there ever,
today is an overcooked tomahawk
a dearest home disease leak
I want to sleep
with an all-inclusive bracelet
no touch of rain

throw up your city
roast the unworthy
to the unjust
once and for all
pelican self immolation
foreign euthanasia
I only have pennies
and I will pay in the other life

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For fuck sake, you sound espectacular in English!!! Thank you! :clap: :clap: :clap: :heart:

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