Impossible Love

An impossible love doth fill my heart,
a love that doth tear my soul apart.
For she, the object of my desire,
is bound to another, and doth not conspire.

Oh, how I long to hold her near,
to whisper sweet nothings in her ear.
But fate doth intervene, and I must abide,
in this cruel world, where love doth hide.

She is like the sun, so bright and fair,
and I, a mere mortal, can only stare.
For though my heart doth ache and yearn,
her love for me, I shall never earn.

Yet still I dream of what could be,
If only she would look at me.
But alas, it is not meant to be,
and my heart shall forever be free.

So, let me love her from afar,
and wish upon a distant star.
For though our love is impossible,
my heart shall forever be unstoppable.

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Welcome again Diego.

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Thank you very much mate!

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