At the bounds of yonder constellation’s sway,
Humanity sheds its earthly mass away,
Bodies traverse, fate’s hold left behind,
No voyage untrod by skeleton’s bind.
Feign I to disregard your essence pure,
And purpose ageless, ever to endure.
Of delicate skin, of clay or earth’s embrace,
Breathing dust, mortal coil’s fleeting grace.
Hail to thee, crowned sovereign of spine’s embrace,
The hour draws nigh, a shout to unlace,
Past’s tether severed, a clarion’s call,
Rebirth beckons, a nascent soul’s thrall.
What are the ends of man, thou dost inquire,
Delving into depths, daring to inspire,
To saturate the world with questions bold,
History’s fortress, quarry’s tales untold.
With hope to wear away the rock of old,
Gates ajar, stories yet to be unrolled,
Embracing the improbable, untamed,
Chasing eternity, in dreams inflamed.
Madness and frontiers, bound in fervent chase,
In the realm of dreams, thou tak’st thy place,
Towards the immortal whisper, doth thy heart abide,
Guiding thee forth, on this fanciful ride.

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