Glamorous heaven

Here we are, we feel like human beings
always a bit different from the others.
We became still and now we have to start moving again.
We feel trapped in the present
not willing to return to the past.
We find no interest in feeling used again.
We find no reason to close the eyes to a new freedom,
a freedom claiming to be a personal need,
a glamorous heaven, full of answers.

When we run out of everything
we will be looking for a glove that melts
to enter inside
and feel the now and here
feel you and me
in need of an urgent inspiration
without a second thought,
being the souvenir kids in world’s madness shop.

Wondering, what is the reason to calculate the distance
between two separate souls
when they can feel each other without being together.
Wondering, which distance is safe
for two buddies to swim together.
Wondering, which distance is safe
for two bodies to swim together.
Looking strangers’ eyes in the street
looking at us
without knowing if we smile inside our masks,
only being able to see if we cry.

How does it feel to have missed the control
of things that once made you happy?
I want to sing without a body
but the mirror between myself and I
is reflecting a useless need to rest my head
on a glamorous heaven,
free of sound and movement
full of tears and innocence,
planting my soul, uprooting my destination.

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Great poem!
Describing the feelings and fears and needs and dreams of this difficult reality we have to face right now.


Thank you very much! I wrote a lot these days and this one was my last poem, when we started going out and closed a series of poems I wrote during the lockdown.

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Welcome to Poémame! Thanks for sharing your poetry! :slight_smile:

Congratulations and welcome Makis.

We welcome you to Poémame and we hope you feel at home!

Greetings from San Antonio, Texas.

Enid Rodriguez Isais,
Poémame community coordinator.

Thank you! Very nice place :slight_smile:

Thank you Jose Luis! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! Very nice to be part of the community :slight_smile:

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I guess, if we just have more time, writing poems about this, about our feelings and concerns, our anxiety at this time, could be a good catharsis.

Keep writing.

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Mi comentario es en español. Ser y sentirse humano es asumir la resposabilidad de vivir.
Dando gracias a la vida por nuestra existencia y compartirla con nuestros semejantes…
O al menos con aquel semejante que nos enriquece el alma, independientemente de las distancias que nos separen, pero que nos acercan en cada recuerdo de felices momentos que quedaron atrapados para hacerlos revivir o al menos soñarlos… Son cosas que nadie puede arrebatar e inspira a levantar la frente, respirar profundo y enfrentarnos a los avatares de la vida, con sus momentos buenos, regulares o malos, pero viviendo.
Hermoso el poema.
Bienvenida/do a Poemame
Un fuerte abrazo.

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I insist, daring to dabble in new terrain is worth admiring. I applaud that recklessness. congratulations poet. Tight hug

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