Forgotten words

I awaken and commence to speak,
A soliloquy yearning to seize
The vibrant hues of forgotten words,
To tenderly bestow them upon longing lips.
Perhaps within their essence lies:
Uncertain life, echoes of yore,
And melancholy profound.
Within my mouth dwell the sounds of day,
As light unfolds like ivy’s embrace,
And the tumultuous clamor resounds,
Yet subtly, not to deafen.
To impossible realms they travel,
In dreams intangible and grand,
Within the depths below rivers’ flow,
Where their effects submerge,
Silenced by the currents’ ebb.
Within the forest’s verdant haven,
Dry branches crackle underfoot,
Its density confounds mortal mouths,
Elusive in its haunting mystique.
Yet I shall whistle, them to disperse,
Until mere whispers remain,
The chilling wind’s hymn,
Caressed 'twixt teeth’s embrace.

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