I always write in English first and then translate the text to Spanish though I’m Spanish and I should do it the other way. Anyway, here’s the English version of “Dublín”, which I published in Spanish recently.

“The view of your eyes is deathly”, said Niall.
“You’re seeing the same thing as me”, said Aithnea.
“Yes, but the sky doesn’t know the clouds when you watch it”
“So, are you suggesting my eyes could end the world? Make it collapse and forget its name”
“Your eyes could end any war and destroy all the stars, the whole universe would be so jealous of that beauty”
“Of that hidden beauty, you mean. I can’t see what you see”.
Aithnea took a sip of her rosemary, the ice cubes sound melted with the ocean’s noise. The sand was cold, but not as much as the cold she felt in her heart. Why she couldn’t see behind that veil?
She was looking at him and realizing how magical his life was and how he was able to see the good in the darkest places, like her, like the broken temple she was, full of ghosts.
His skin was pale, the light of the moon looked good on him, giving him an angelical image. The image he deserved.
“I dare you to love yourself more”, he said.
“I dare you to burn your soul in the rubbish bin, along with your ruthless Cupid”
“That’s not a challenge, I would die for you”
“That’s why I’m scared”
They looked into their eyes, she had a brokenhearted sea in hers and he had an unstoppable boat surfing the waves of her despair in his.
They kissed, and the time stopped to contemplate them. Niall smiled thinking about how her lips tasted like salt and pepper and she cried for how much her body needed to feel warm again, she couldn’t let him go. Her hands was softly grabbing him, for a minute she felt the eternity of that moment, the joy and nostalgia that would soak the air later.
“I love you”, he said.
“I love you too”, she said.
None of the beaches of Dublin were enough if they were not together to see the night falling in love with them.

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