In my mind’s eye, a garden of bliss I sought,
Where vibrant plants bloomed and flowers were caught,
Touched by the wings of hummingbirds in flight,
A crimson glow, pure and bright.

The day’s aura beckoned, a captivating call,
Its arms stretched wide, impatient for all,
A vision it was, igniting my passion,
A delirium forged in a waking fashion.

In wakeful moments, we often dare to dream,
Imaginations soar, a fantastical stream,
These reveries become goals to pursue,
Bringing joys and hopes anew.

As childhood leaves fell, gently to the ground,
Amidst the garden, memories abound,
Faint echoes of playful toys long gone,
A fleeting whisper, a memory’s song.

Now, in poetic realms, this dream shall reside,
A rhythmic tapestry, a poetic stride,
Coherent and flowing, a language of its own,
A melodic symphony in this ethereal zone.

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