Become - prose

All I knew was that I needed to write… What is that feeling like, you ask? Well…Have you ever felt a dam rupture in your chest? Abruptly; you cannot breathe, not a full breath and as the constricted air travels, it stops, lodging somewhere in your body, rendering you helpless. That’s it! Now you’ve got it! …A single word staring back at you, and every movement from that point on, is a fight for your life…You are gasping now, I can hear it. There is something that you must say, but what is it? What is the blood that has to spill? I didn’t want to write, no, not really. “I wanted to become”. What is the blood that has to spill?

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muy bonito tu poema

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been there… :hugs: :hugs: :heart:

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Gracias por leerlo!

A very thrilling place to be!

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