Loving you is not

Loving you isn’t expecting something from you; It’s simply waiting for you,
Silently, night and day.

Loving you isn’t rejecting your flaws;
It’s becoming sensitive to them
And making you sensitive to them,
Never expecting you to change them.

Loving you isn’t demanding from you,
It’s not forcing you, it’s not pressuring you, It’s not convincing you, it’s not defeating you;
It’s helping you free yourself from you,
From me, from everything.
It’s lending you my breath, it’s seducing you,
With neither wishes nor aims;
It’s enjoying you.

Loving you is not being my partner in happiness, It’s being partners in adversity, where we become more united.

Loving you is not finding shelter in you;
It’s building a shelter together,
with our own hands,
where the whole world can fit.

Loving you is not wishing to be the center of your life;
it’s leading you,
If you allow me,
If I’m able,
to the life of your center,
not seeking rewards.

Loving you is not
giving you my umbrella in the rain,
It’s closing it and running like children, jumping with no direction or destination.

Loving you is not giving up my dreams for you;
is waking up from my dreams,
with you,
holding your hand.

Loving you is not flattering you
It’s not making you vain,
It’s not weakening you,
It’s not calling your attention,
It’s not confusing you;
It’s showing you the worth of your shadow,
The wonder of your own light,
It’s helping you to live alert,
It’s wanting you to fly while I watch you,

Loving you is not fearing you,
It’s not owning you,
It’s not looking after you,
It’s not watching over you;
It’s hugging you warmly,
It’s opening my door for you,
It’s beholding you in plain light,
In total darkness,
With the eyes of the soul.

Loving you is not just looking at you,
Smelling you, or tasting you;
It’s looking along with you
At anything,
Becoming one with your smell,
Being part of you.

Loving you is not telling you that I love you,
It’s not thinking that I loved you,
That I will love you;
It’s asking myself
Whether I love you,
It’s feeling it,
Allowing it to grow in me,
Without no need to tell you.

Loving you is not always being by your side,
It’s not always thinking of you
It’s not always dreaming of you;
It’s being available for you,
It’s being you, becoming one with you,
It’s being aware of your dreams,
And mine of you,
It’s allowing you to know me completely
To the very core of my pain,
And of my love.

Loving you is not looking at you from above,
Or from below, from behind,
From the front;
It’s cultivating a balance
That I would again and again
Feel going through our shared core.

Loving you is not projecting ideas of you,
It’s not idolizing you;
It’s seeing you from afar, close,
From within (from you),
From the outside,
See you from beyond me.

Loving you is not being fond of you
Only when you love me,
When you’re pretty
When you smile,
When you kiss me,
When you caress me,
When you walk gracefully,
When you are calm,
When you are happy;
It’s accepting you whole
Just the way you are,
Always and everywhere,
With simplicity,

Loving you is not going anywhere with you,
It’s going to that place
When we both feel like it,
And not forced by a relationship.

Loving you is not writing that I love you; It’s sharing with you
The best in me (love),
No looking back,
Without a horizon.

Loving you is not writing you my love poems; It’s being love when I write to you, And when not.

- Ousía Poética

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