Jasmine- From "Her" series

If I pull her in from the darkness,
I will know her name,
I shall never
speak it.

There is a melancholy swaying from the palm trees,

a bitterness

beneath the sunrise,

a shadow glowing in her chamber.

Oh I loved you,

when the breeze brushed your lips,

the frothy waters kissed

your toes.

I loved you,

when you weren’t afraid of dreaming,


sullen from


Oh tender jasmine!

Spreading like the green,

Is hope,

that never ceases

in the garden.

Spreading like the green is hope,


In the eyelids of the dove,

lives the free breath you seek.

And in the endless blue,


among the pallid clouds,

I wait for thy joy,

and thy smile to paint me colors

through raindrops.

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It’s beautiful, Carmen.
I love it.
Kisses :kissing_heart:.

Thank you love! :kissing_heart:

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