1er poema de mi 1er libro de poesía. Lo he escrito en inglés por la temática del libro, basado en el Romance de Tristán y Isolda.

Título del libro: 7 Poems for Iseult and a desperate Song

Mirar tu Cuerpo sin más Luz que la tuya,

que esa cercana Música que concierta a las Aves,

a las Aguas, al Bosque, a ese ligado Latido

de este Mundo absoluto que siento ahora en los Labios.

Vicente Aleixandre [A ti, Viva de La Destrucción o el Amor. 1935]

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the Palm of your Hand

And Eternity in an Hour.”

― William Blake, Auguries of Innocence


Oh, lucid Darkness!

I embrace You…

I once read your Name is Darkness,

Darkness I saw in your Eyes,

your Lips, Sparks in my Darkest Hours.

They were always my closest Companion,

when Love was but a

mere Whisper in my Mouth.

I lost Them in troubled Hours, and All I expect

from You now are but your wondrous

Eyes looking into mine.

Oh, lucid Darkness!

I embrace You…

I once read your Name is Darkness,

yet for me, it meant

nothing but Tenderness, Calmness, and Joy.

In my darkest Hours

You were always there,

as a silent Murmur.

As the silent Murmur

of the Ocean’s Waves

crashing on a desolate Shore.

Oh, lucid Darkness!

I embrace You…

My Path has inevitably

driven me towards your

green Fields up in the Highland.

Insanity, Sorrow, and Despair were my Companion.

All of a sudden, You entered my Path,

unexpectedly, as a shooting Star

wandering through the Heavens.

Oh, lucid Darkness!

I embrace You…

And that is All I have

always dreamt of, oh, lucid Darkness,

but your Eyes, your Lips, and your sweetest Embrace.

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